Dead Temples

by Blackrune

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Available on limited edition cassette from Furious Hooves:


released April 29, 2016

Written and recorded by Blackrune, 2014-2015.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Peter Mavrogeorgis at Dollhouse Studios in Savannah, GA (
Cover artwork by Danielle Sperandeo (

At the time of this recording, Blackrune was:
Matt McCullough
Chris Goggans
P.M. Goerner



all rights reserved


Blackrune Savannah, Georgia

"Among twenty snowy mountains
the only moving thing
was the eye of the blackbird."

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Track Name: A Scientific Enquiry Into the Psychological Benefits of Magical Thinking
Excerpt from The Outer Limits, Season 2 Episode 3 - 'Behold, Eck!' (1964)
Track Name: Pillars (In the Vignette of the Judgment Scene)
A hymn to the setting sun
Of hidden faces and hidden gates
A vignette of the judgment scene

Unto the funereal mountain
For the preservation of the body
In the praise of the underworld

Black leaves
Of hidden doors
Jackal's Face

At the doors of the winds
Death by serpents
In the absence of the four flames

Gods of the places of the dead,
In the making of the spirit to appear
Transforming into a light-giving

Four altars
Ape of Thoth
Track Name: A Hymn to Virgil (I)
Quotes adapted from Dante's 'Purgatorio,' translated by Robert and Jean Hollander.

"As yet we tarried by the seashore, like those who think about the way
And in their hearts go on, while still their bodies linger.
And then Virgil answered: "Perhaps you think we are familiar with this place, but we are strangers like yourselves."
Surprise must have been painted on my face, at which the shades smiled and drew back, and I, pursuing them, moved forward.
And thus I saw these new arrivals, their song cut short, flee toward the mountain slope like those who take an unfamiliar road.
And we, with no less haste, departed."

And oh, the woe they did birth
In arms against the Old Earth
There's room to swallow you down...

"Know that the vessel which the serpent broke was and is not.
Let those who are to blame take heed: Vengeance fears no hindrance.
Perhaps my words, obscure as those of the Sphinx, persuade you less because they cloud your mind.
So mark them, and set them down for those who live a life that is a race to death."

Our star's already near at hand
How many failures of sand?
Does suffering prove its worth
In arms against the Old Earth?

There's room to swallow you down...
Track Name: A Hymn to the Cumaean Sibyl (II)
Her whispered words weave our tomb
Her broken body the loom
Her worried wisdom the flame
And we don't even know her name...

She offered nine volumes forth
Implored he not doubt their worth
He puts a sword to the flame
And only three yet remain

And oh, the woe they did birth
In arms against the Old Earth
But there's room to swallow you down
There's room to swallow you down...